There has been nothing for the Queer Occultist...till now.

HORNS is truly where the Occultists cum- the world's first homoerotic magazine that explores the world of Witchcraft, Sorcery, and Gay History... HORNS is the Gay Grimoire

Within our pages, you'll find sexy Incubi, interviews with fellow travelers of Pagan and Occult Paths, erotic ceremonies and incantations, and more naked men of course!

HORNS is for all us Queers who yearn for erotica with a witchy bent. For the twink who calls on Spirits to bring him a nice 9-inch dick to sit on, for the queen who dances skyclad beneath the full moon, for the jock who invokes the Old Ones to get that hot daddy at the gym, and the outcasted Gay who fantasizes about some mystical beast dumping a load down his throat.

This magazine is for Us. We exist to entertain and support a Tribe of Gay men who have yet to be satisfied, those who tread paths among the Arts of Old, the hidden niche of Gay Culture.

We are those dick-sucking, ass-eating, dirty Queer sorcerers! Come on in Male Witches, Gay Pagans, and Queer Occultists from every Path! Kick back with esoteric knowledge, ancient tools of the Craft, and a big bottle of lube...

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