Article Submission

Here at HORNS, we know that we’re not the only Queer Sorcerers yearning for erotic mysticism. This is your way to be a part of HORNS and contribute to our witchy rag.
If you think your music would bewitch our readers, let us hear it! If you have an erotic ritual or ceremony that would aid our readers, we want to try it! If you have a story that will just get our dicks hard and fits our diabolic bend, we want to read it.

Notes regarding submissions:
  • All submissions must be from those 18 years or older.
  • HORNS magazine or Aphelion Productions LLC take no responsibility for participants of a sex ceremony’s behavior. We encourage safer sex at all times with one’s partners. No ceremony can include blood, lack of consent, or physical harm. All individuals who engage in these ceremonial acts do so at their own risk.
  • Fiction must be 1000 and 3000 words. No fancy page or paragraph formatting or fonts. Anyone approved will be emailed a contract that they must digitally sign and send back in order for their work to be printed.
  • Music submissions must include the downloadable album being reviewed, pictures of the band, and promotional material. All photos must be 300 dpi and in a JPG or RAW file.
  • All those whose submissions are approved will receive an e-magazine of the issue they’re published in for free. • ZIP files work best for multiple files. File size limit is 32MB.