New Moon Witchery Product Reviews

New Moon Witchery Product Reviews

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New Moon Witchery is the store for the true practitioner of the Old Ways. 

Yule Spice Herbal Blend

Those who wish to move beyond the poisons on display at your local deli or gas station will savor this smooth herbal blend; flavors of star anise, ginger, mugwort, and damiana work their way into you, the smooth smoke envelops your senses with every breath, forcing the stressful sorcerer to relax. Delivered in a tightly sealed tin with a fire sigil on top, the aroma alone signifies the bewitching call of these herbs and promises great delights.

Winter Warming Tea

During the harsh cold of winter, when Chione reigns, any Occultist needs his inner fire replenished. The Winter Warming Tea is the perfect herbal drink to mix up before a reading or simply for relaxing. A mix of ingredients to soothe the chill, including blood orange, dark chocolate, and most noticeably, clove. Much like any fresh herbal brew, the tea is delivered in a tin (decorated with a unique sigil), and once opened its potency fills the nose and will dance on your taste buds. Not all magickal brews taste like the back of a toad, and this tea demonstrates all the delicious possibilities of witchcraft.

Custom-Made Small Rosemary/Evergreen Smudge Stick

The ancient practice continues in the talented hands of New Moon Witchery! The smudge stick has been used to cleanse the air and heal the body with the smoke of its herbs.  Rosemary and evergreen are bound in a heat-resistant metal wrap which keeps these potent ingredients from falling to pieces. Continue the Old Ways with the intoxicating smell and natural power of their impeccably made Smudge Stick.

Draconian Altar Incense 

Delivered in a black velvet bag and sealed with a sigil, one can feel  this magical instrument has specific purpose. This incense isn’t for those who wish to scent the air for meditation or white light blessing; the ingredients of this loose incense cater to darker paths, and to sorcerers of the Left-Hand Path who see little difference between the paths of “white” and “black” magic. The Draconian Altar Incense is a potent blend of wormwood, sandalwood, cypress, and attention is paid to the manner in which they’re prepared. This is no commercial scent ground up for dabblers or Yankee Candle yoga practitioners. It is important to note that this incense is suitable for coals or self-burning, the sorcerer’s preference and practice isn’t affected by how it is ignited.

Goddess of the Black Moon Incense 

These Witches do not compromise on their craft! The Goddess of the Black Moon Incense is a perfect offering to those you wish to invoke. Though its intention is not to fragrant the air, this tool of the craft smells quite lovely, a medley that will not overpower the room or the working. The blend of jasmine, patchouli, mugwort, and preparation in the manner of the Old Ways would contribute powerful energy to any rite, working, or ritual. Head on over to New Moon Witchery to see real Witches do real Magick!