Owen Tate

Owen Tate



Owen Tate first appeared in NYC in 1989 performing with rock and funk bands such as Foxxen, The Blessed, and Pharoah. Owen transitioned to DJing and Producing in the early part of the 90's at Tunnel NYC, Limelight NYC as a host and performance artist. OT: ) opened LeftOvers Studios in Providence RI at the world famous Fort Thunder where he was the resident DJ for six years. 

Hugely popular on Yahoo Groups he is the resident DJ for the DickJohnson Group. Ranked #1 of all time songs played on Glee, Ranked #2 on Dlist, and has been charting on MySpace for the last few years. 

Best known for featuring underground club whores, divas, and personalities. Owen Tate supplies electro junkies and after hours addicts their sonic fix smothered in his trademarked blend of Sex Glam Gloom.