PINC LOUDS – Pinc Louds (self-titled EP)


Zoth Ommog

Album Review

As featured in Issue #3: Halloween Anniversary Edition

If I could transport you back to a time when the majority of music on the radio was slow songs in swing time, written with simple instrumentation and memorable vocal harmonies uttering nonsense syllables, we would be in a time where Pinc Louds would flourish as the sensational new act that crowds of teens would clamor for. Fortunately, time travel is not necessary to enjoy the euphonious sound of this talented trio. Pinc Louds is a New York City-based band who describes their music as “primal acoustic doo-wop.”

Their self-titled EP is a culmination of a year’s worth of songwriting and experimentations with live audiences, harnessing their talents into a combination of harmonious and haunting compositions, ranging from doo-wop to rock ‘n’ roll. There is something for everyone here. If this EP is a foreshadowing of what is to come, we should be pleased with all upcoming releases from Pinc Louds. Keep an ear open for them!

Pinc Louds

Pinc Louds is:
Claudi (vocals, guitar)
Ofer Bear (upright bass)
Rai Mundo (drums, harmonies)

1. Shaking
2. Haunted
3. Dream Catcher
4. Speak to Me Dead
5. Last Chance at Love

For more information on Pinc Louds, head here