Grapefruit Sound Lab’s “1031”


Zoth Ommog

Book Review

As featured in  Issue #2: Summer Solstice Edition

Grapefruit Sound Lab is an electro-rock quartet hailing from New Jersey who has put out a spooky new release entitled, “1031.” The number 1031 is a direct reference to the date of Halloween, the time when we celebrate all things witchy. This dark dance record runs a little under half an hour in length and plays as an uninterrupted musical experience, divided into 6 separate movements. The audio journey travels from carnivals to mental asylums, with stops along the way to visit the demonic realms. The music is smooth, synth-based electronic with plenty of hypnotic vocal inserts. Whether you’re planning a ghastly dance party or a wicked gathering of warlocks, “1031” would make an excellent atmospheric ambiance to get your mind in the mood for indulging in fleshly pursuits.  Those who are curious about Grapefruit Sound Lab can learn more at

1. Part One – Carousel 
2. Part Two – Big Top
3. Part Three – Pazuzu
4. Part Four – Asylum
5. Part Five – Horseman
6. Part Six – All Souls
7. I Feel Like I’m Five
8. New Clear Sky – The Stuff of Magick – Rocket Center Remix
9. New Clear Sky – For the Music
10. Carousel/Big Top (Single)
11. Pazuzu (Single)
12. Asylum (Single)
13. Horseman (Single)
14. All Souls (Single)