Darren Deicide’s “The Blues Non Est Mortuum”


Zoth Ommog

As featured in Issue #2: Summer Solstice Edition


New Jersey’s Devil, Darren Deicide, is back with a new full-length album that’s hotter than hellfire. The long-awaited The Blues Non Est Mortuum is an immersion into the dark thoughts that flow from Darren’s hoochie-coochie mind. Necromantic themes and demonic apparitions are abundant in this new release. The sound is refreshingly raw, with very little overdubs, so what you hear is mostly pure blues magic. The energy of Darren’s spirited guitar playing coupled by his emotional vocals will drag you down into the brink of melancholy madness, then lift you back up with a braggadocio blues boogie, all within the course of listening to this phantasmagorical LP.

The Blues Non Est Mortuum begins with an evocation that opens the infernal gates for the swinging song “Killing The Dead.”. Lyrically perplexing and musically complex, “Killing The Dead” is easily my favorite off this new release.  Next is “Static,” a somber track that hastily changes the mood, followed by “Devil Woman Blues,” the slithering, sexy song about a promiscuous, wicked woman.

The tempo picks up slightly with the foreboding “My Star-Spangled Banner.” Next we hear the minimalist melody “Dance of the Demon Rag.” Then Darren unleashes his demons with the haunting track, “Throw It All Away.” “Boom Power Boogie” rips through the darkened veil next with its bouncy tempo and vigorous guitar playing. The final track, “At the Sound of the Demon Bell,” is a return to the Delta Blues feel that Darren pulls off so well, with his signature howling vocals and slick, sliding guitar riffs.

The Blues Non Est Mortuum features appearances by Reverend Adam Campbell from the Church of Satan as well as St. Louis songwriter Edgefield C. Johnston. The album includes a twelve-page, full-color booklet and comes with free digital downloads of the complete album. The Blues Non Est Mortuum was recorded at Water Music and is out now on Berenice Records. For more info on this release, previous releases and tour dates, go to www.darrendeicide.com

1- “Evocation of the Infernal Juke House”
2- “Killing The Dead”
3- “Static”
4- “Devil Woman Blues”
5- “My Star-Spangled Banner”
6- “Dance of the Demon Rag”
7- “Throwing It All Away”
8- “Boom Power Boogie”
9- “At the Sound of the Demon Bell”