HORNS Issue #6 Halloween Anniversary Edition 2019 Print


Happy Anniversary to HORNS and a very happy Samhain to you all!

Check out all the sexy ghouls that came through the veil for this issue,

we’ve got zombies and vampires and werewolves galore!


HORNS had the privilege of sitting down with a soon-to-be legend among Gay Occultists, Storm Faerywolf, and discussed his path as well as what he is crafting for the future.

Read how the Minoan Brotherhood was formed and the legacy of this issue’s FAGGOD Eddie Buczynski

Atropa has whipped up some appropriate kitchen witchery to warm you up this autumn!


As this is the time to honor those who’ve passed on, in HORNS’ Halloween edition we have a special ceremony to call and praise the ancestors of Queer Witches.

Enjoy the revelry on this, the darkest night of the year, and always remember to have HORNS!