HORNS Issue #5: Summer Solstice 2019 Print Edition


Happy Summer Solstice fellow Queer Occultists!

In this issue of HORNS Magazine:

read about the founder of the Minoan Brotherhood, Eddie Buczynski

Have a seat with Christopher Penczak and learn about the Temple of Witchcraft

See our sexy Incubi all tied up, celebrating Gay Pride on the Astral Planes, and lost in Eden

Concoct some summer brews with some kitchen witchery!

Celebrate the Summer Solstice with HORNS!

Happy Summer Solstice Fellow Queer Occultists!

In this 2019 edition of homoerotic sorcery:

Learn about the Witch who broke down the Broom Closet for Gay Pagans: Christopher Penczak!

This issue’s FAGGOD, the founder of the Minoan Brotherhood: Eddie Buczynski

Stroke your wand to our Incubi all tied up and shaking the ether in the Astral Plane!

Learn some witchy concoctions for some summer brews!


Pick up your copy of the Gay Grimoire and Happy Pride!