Sparkie Shock

Sparkie Shock

3D Artist


Sparkie is a music composer, film editor and 3D artist whose latest venture is in creating scenes of intensity in BDSM, Demons and more. Self-taught since 2014 Sparkie got himself into 3D porn after being dissatisfied with the offerings of male torture scenes available on various art websites, and he sought to create his own scenes.

And also a deep dislike of seeing male demons always depicted as gruesome monsters, Sparkie decided he wanted to show these magnificent males the way he see’s them. Powerful, sensual, dangerous, and yet thoughtful and loyal to their human pets.

Sparkie lives in downtown Vancouver BC, Canada. Where he works on his many art projects and has hopes to make feature-length horror movies. As well as continuing to make comics.

You can find more of his artwork at And if you’re interested to support his work and help him create more and even better scenes of demon sex, intense sexual torture and more, then subscribe and support him at Patreon linked left