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    Alexander S. Brown is a Mississippi author who was published in 2008 with his first book Traumatized. Reviews for this short story collection were so favorable that it has been released as a special edition by Pro Se Press. Brown is a co-editor/coordinator with the Southern Haunts anthologies published by Seventh Star Press. His horror novel Syrenthia Falls is represented by Dark Oak Press. His current short story collection The Night the Jack O’ Lantern Went Out, published by Pro Se Press, received bestseller status under three literary categories on Amazon.com upon release. He is currently dabbling in spoken word poetry.

    Brown is the author of multiple young adult steampunk stories found in the Dreams of Steam anthologies, Capes and Clockwork anthologies, and the anthology Clockwork Spells and Magical Bells. His more extreme works can be found in the anthology Luna’s Children published by Dark Oak Press, Reel Dark published by Seventh Star Press and State of Horror: Louisiana Vol 1 published by Charon Coin Press.

    Brown is also the producer of, and actor, in the short film The Acquired Taste inspired by a story in his book Traumatized and directed by Chuck Jett.

    Brown has been a tarot card reader since Jr. High and has always dabbled in the paranormal. While becoming introduced to many outlets in the occult, he has been a practitioner of Voodoo, Santeria, and Catholicism for the last five years. As he has grown within spiritualism, he has assisted in seances and communication with haunted locations.

    Visit his website www.alexandersbrown.com


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    The ONLY Homoerotic Magazine for Occultists
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    A Lupercalian, Valentines Day Rite

    Caressed by the steamy shower, naked, in the presence of a God, I was plunged into a meditative state. Horns rose from my wet and matted hair. My feet, hooves, my phallus erect and pulsing. This was Pan, I was him and he was penetrating me. Stepping out of the shower, I called out to the quarters. East, the air that rushed through my quickening breath. South, the fire that burned so hot with passion. West, the steamy waters which invoked my God. North, the creeping earth from which he comes. My magickal tome cried out to me. I opened it to works I’d copied into my book, Evocation of Pan, and a poem, Calling My Name. Out spread my arms, maraca in hand, and I danced a spiral dance, shouting the poem to him.

    “I walk with earth under my feet. I walk with visions inside my eyes. I walk with fire inside of me. I walk with spirits as my guides. When I feel like I can’t breathe, I take a walk and I am healed. I’m walking back to the center. I’m walking through the sacred field. I’m walking deeper and deeper, learning secrets of the night. I am looking past the light. When I feel like I can’t breathe I take a walk and I am healed. I’m walking back to the center. I’m running through the sacred field. I hear them calling my name.”

    They were indeed calling my name, and in turn, I called out theirs.

    “Eros, Aphrodite, Pan, Dionysus, Gaia, Cernunnos!”

    Over and over, and over until they filled me. It was time to recite the evocation.

    “Pan! Dark father, nature lord, he with horns that pierce the sky, and hooves that pound the earth. I yell to you! I dance for you, I pray to you, I call to you. Fill me with your undeniable might, your prophetic knowledge, and your sexual voracity. I am your child, bore from Mother Earth. I honor you! I praise you! Be with me, this magickal, moonlit night!”

    He teased my sensuality. I stroked, lavender lotion lubricating my throbbing erection. I spun around and around, continuing to masturbate, chanting my intentions.

    “Passion, Pleasure, and Lust, combined with Love, Honesty, and Trust!”

    The cone of power was hot pink, electric, and searing hot. It burst into the universe as did my climax. The spell was complete. I fell to the ground and let the earth take me. Thanking my deities, I ended my rite. Blessed be. 


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    Name’s Alex, I’m a 20 year old gay dude who enjoys bearded guys, crystal baths and getting tattooed. I’m a tattoo artist’s apprentice in south-west Illinois who dreams of being a successful artist while dancing under the moon singing to my goddess. Instagram is tattooed_teddy_bear


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    Fourth grade is a turbulent year for a budding witch. By the by, I should have pointed out that by then I’d had at least five boy-crushes and in the 90’s, even in California, this was vehemently taboo. On Free-Dress-Days, when most kids wore overalls and dresses, I wore Ozzy and Kiss band tees. During computer class when we were awarded game time I would play with the stamp scene games…and create magical battle grounds with dragons, grim reapers, fire balls, and castles. When I wasn’t creating fantastical scenes in the far corner of the room I was researching Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism, Paganism, Paranormal Phenomena, and the Occult. There we have it…the word: “Occult”!

    The word literally means “Hidden”, and where are things hidden? Anything hidden is placed carefully in the dark. These thoughts…these powers, are concealed beyond the veil and forbidden by the so called light moral high ground of ordinary and proper people. To quote the character Aviva from season one of Charmed, the hit show about three sister witches, “We aren’t pink people”…and she was right. I was hiding my sexuality, hiding my spirituality, and hiding everything that made me who I was. I was the occult. 

    All this aside, the poltergeist-esque events which tantalized my inner witch began to sire an insatiable desire within me. I sensed things others couldn’t, and was more attuned to the natural, conscious, and unconscious worlds than my friends or the adults around me. Well before the storms, I could sense there was a torrential event ahead. My dreams were vivid and very uncanny, and there were even some occurrences where electricity would run rampant when I threw a fit. There was one time my grandmother shut off the television to scold me. As I rolled my eyes and landed them on the screen, my program popped back on. This happened twice in those minutes, and she crossly unplugged the set.

    By the age of ten, in fifth grade, I had begun studying the practice of witchcraft. I remember withdrawing from recess and lunch time during the fall to focus my time on weather witching. I’d ground, center, shield, connect with Naiads and Undines, and chant to align myself with the cloud formations and the cold, watery world above. When it would begin to rain, I reveled in the power and energy. It was where I felt most alive! I finally had found my friends and family…in the nether realms.

    When I turned eleven I declared myself a Witch, and was allowed (thankfully) to change to a public school when I turned 13 and we moved. Up until that point I had been practicing and honing my craft. I didn’t have a coven, and was completely solitary. I didn’t even perform a “proper” dedication rite. I mean, why would I need to? One deterrent from Catholicism and Christianity in general was all the rules, regulations, How-Tos, and Musts. This-Or-That thinking just didn’t do it for me, and it would never, ever again be a part of my path.

    Even the Sabbats as a young witch were simple. Since my grandfather was a Catholic-Military man (my grandmother was more open minded), it was so easy to meld the Sabbats with the every day holidays that we know and live with. So I’d chant a little chant, make a small offering, light a candle, and that was it. It was never a huge deal to me because I knew that what they were celebrating came from what I was celebrating for the most part. Hiding my witchcraft from my grandfather wasn’t easy, and eventually it was a moot point. He allowed me to stop going to church. Hiding my sexuality was even harder, but I was very successful. I came out to my grandmother at age fourteen. She wasn’t surprised one bit, and was more supportive than I could have ever hoped for. Now that I was out of both the broom closet and the proverbial gay closet, I could finally start being me! 

    Coming out to my mother was catastrophic. She hit me, threw chairs at me, and threw a mirror in my face calling me “The Fag of Rio Americano” (my highschool). I remember calling my grandmother in tears and she picked me up. That’s when I saw my very damaged mother for who she was for the first time. Our relationship to this day is non existent, not just or those reasons. She was a very negative influence on my life, but that is another story all together. 

    I finally came out to my grandfather at age sixteen. My grandma told him I had something to tell him but I was terrified…he instantly guessed. I wrote him a letter, and he wrote me one. His was filled with a father’s fears of losing a son to AIDS, drugs, and other stereotypical life threatening situations that the “Gay lifestyle” entails. I knew it came from a place of love, and he didn’t treat me differently. It was the reaction I expected, and after my mother’s episode, I welcomed his way of dealing. Once I turned eighteen, he finally came to terms. 

    My grandparents hosted my wedding in their beautiful, mystical back yard with fairies, gnomes, mushrooms, gardens, and a pool with a waterfall. Torches were lit for Hecate, and grapes and vines donned the altar for Dionysus and Pan. It was a witch’s fairy tale! My husband isn’t Pagan, either, I should mention. He and my grandparents were so happy to give me my dream wedding, and our marriage has been such a blessing. Our hardships are storms to weather together, and we are strong and magickal. It’s important to remember that we are conduits between the worlds. Be a conduit of love and magick, and you will create a new universe and a happy ending. Blessed be! 


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    Happy New Years from all of us at HORNS Magazine! May the Old Ones bless you as we move forward! #occult #gaypagan #gaywitch #pagan #newyear #2017 #gay #witchesofinstagram #witches #hornsmagazine


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    Hello there, my name is Ventura Gallegos, I am from New Jersey and I’m 24 years old. It’s been a roller coaster when identifying myself as a gay witch, I accept myself and I know who I am. Its easy for myself to tell people I’m a witch because of my Mexican heritage, I’m the first generation and so much is on my shoulders to achieve what my parents haven’t. But in that note I have been able to achieve my existence as a witch to help people in need, or who are either eager in understanding my life or understanding the bases of what it means to be a witch. In Mexico, witchcraft is a huge influence and it’s part of people’s daily life, I, myself can attest to that since I had experiences with paleros/curadores/brujos(a) when I was a small child. My grandmother was a major believer in witchcraft, if it was Santeria, Voodoo, Hoodoo or any type of magic branch, she knew who to go to and who would help the family out. My mother is spiritual about stuff yet still remains catholic to a degree, but she appreciates that I have taken roots to our culture and have been able to distinguished myself as a witch, however I’m still not open to her about being a male gay witch, more of fear of abandonment from her then the rest of the family. I’ve studied under a great friend who is a sister to me (we know each other for about 8 years) and she has guided me through my bumpy rides I have taken in life. I was able to manifest different abilities through my childhood; visions, scrying, speaking to the dead (when I was around 8-10yrs old), reading people’s auras, able to see shadow people/creatures, being able to pick up an object’s energy and identify the previous owner. However, in an age were many things are in demand at work or life, sometimes you get hit hard and some of this abilities can weaken (I have bipolar and other health issues, so it makes it difficult for me to concentrate from time to time or simply my mood swings can go out of hand and medications can be suppressing). I have been able to figure out my good and bad days, so that helps me a lot when I’m doing a ritual or how long I have to prepare before I lose my train of thoughts or simply losing my energy from mental exhaustion. Being a witch is a gift that we all should be very grateful and that people in need will seek us to help them. I’ve been able to help people around me , even if they don’t ask for help, I’m able to pick up their emotions and troubles and I’ll do a spell to help them move forward or get better. I’ve been criticized by other witches for not taking a single path, I, myself can be very flexible in adapting teachings that I have learned and keep it in my book of shadows. It saddens my heart that some brothers I have met throughout my life have been naive or simply close themselves in the shadows and won’t accept another brother as a friend or help each other learn the arts. As a gay witch, most of my sisters (witch sisters of course) are open and accepting of me being their brother and they share their knowledge with me. I have my own service dog who I named after the goddess Hecate, but I call her “Hex” (my dog) for short. I’ve been collecting books for a long time now, and I can always refer to which book to use just by thinking of what I need, and I also have shops near me that I can collect items when I needed. I’ve met a great friend at my workplace and his also interested in the occult, and it’s shocking to me since he is straight and I am gay, and we are able to connect by a strong interest in the arts of magic, and his willing to learn from me as I am willing to learn from him. I sometimes find the most interesting brothers and sisters before knowing that we share a passion for the arts, and that warms my heart knowing more and more people are trying to find themselves and they find comfort in the arts of magic. Lately , I have been building my own collections of herbs, salts, oils and ingredients, especially when a brother or sister needs them incase of an emergency, I’m always there to help them out. And lastly, the world is growing more and more in accepting people for whoever they are, I know we still have a fight to win over people who try to step us over or who hate us for being witches or simply gay, but we as gay male witches, because of our nature of helping others, people will be open to us and welcoming, I’ve experience the hate and the love, but always stay strong and positive.